Selecting the Right Office Equipment for Your Law Office

law office equipment

Choosing an office equipment provider can be difficult in an age where multiple providers exist with a range of equipment and service options for your company. You know you need devices to accomplish your work effectively, but maybe you are not sure what to get or who to get it from.

Today we want to talk about the factors you need to know about before purchasing office equipment for your law office.

What is Mobile Document Management?

mobile device in use

As the business world advances, the integration of technology and day-to-day functions continues to develop. For many, these changes come with some pushback, which can cause businesses to struggle as they fall behind the times. If a company hopes to succeed in the technology-driven world, it is essential that they embrace these changes.

One example of this is through Mobile Document Management integration. Gone are the days where only a customer needs to use mobile functions; your customers expect to have quick, intuitive, and developing interactions with your company.

Which is Better? In-House IT or Managed IT Services?

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As technology continues to advance for modern day businesses, it is incredibly important to have an IT team available to help manage devices and networks and create solutions for your company’s various systems. The question is, should you hire an in-house IT department to handle technology, or should you outsource your tech needs to a Managed IT Services provider? Both options come with a different list of benefits, so it is important to weigh out the differences before choosing what is best for your company.

4 Ways That MPS Cuts Printing Costs

ripping paper in half with cost written on it

Cost reduction is a top priority for different managed print services providers. The issue for many companies is that it is difficult to determine consistent printing costs, and managed print services (MPS) work to create fixed printing costs for businesses to have predictable costs. With MPS, overhead costs do not fluctuate as output increases, solving the cost issues of printing.

The 3 Types of Copying Machines

woman using printer

Copying machines, like other office equipment, come in a variety of forms with different features and options available for users. Each device is designed to accomplish a specific copying function as effectively as possible, so knowing which device does what is essential.

With in-house printing on the rise and the number of high-quality devices available for the modern office, it is important to know the differences between each type of copier.

Protecting Your Business’ Sensitive Data With Document Management

data protection

When businesses consider the potential threats to their sensitive data and information, they often only think of hackers and cyber-attacks. The issue of acting only on these threats is that other dangers put your data at risk!

Employees in your business are prone to make critical errors that put information on the line when they mishandle documents and data. This can occur when documents are stored on unsecured cloud networks or mobile devices like cell phones or tablets.

How Managed Print Saves You More Than Money


One of the biggest reasons businesses decide to use Managed Print Services is because of the immediate cut in printing costs. Surveys have found businesses to save between 30-40% of their printing expenses when they enlist a Managed Print Service (MPS), provider.

While cutting costs is excellent, MPS has many other benefits for businesses. Here are three ways that Managed Print Services can benefit your business:

Managed Print Services Benefit More Than Your Budget

saving money

One of the top reasons to work with a Managed Print Service provider is the immediate saving opportunities they will identify for your business. Enlisting Managed Print Services (MPS) will make a quick and long-term difference in your business’ print-related spending.

While cost savings might seem to be the primary benefit of MPS, there are many other ways it will benefit your business:

HIPAA Compliance and Your Copier


If your office is required to operate within HIPAA-compliance laws, you know how important it is to integrate compliance efforts in every office system. Many dealers will market a multifunction copier as HIPAA-compliant, yet that’s just not true. An out-of-the-box HIPAA-compliant copier does not exist.

What makes a copier HIPAA-compliant is when an officer takes steps to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of personal health information with their device.

Document Management: A True Time-Saver


Organizational efficiency is a top priority for most business owners when they take their business digital. Document management software can assist businesses, and their staffs save money and time with the improved efficiency and productivity. Let’s talk about how document management does this.

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