Document Management Explained

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If you're having issues controlling document-related costs, issues keeping confidential information secure, or simply want to reduce the amount of paper waste created by your staff, document management can be the solution you are looking for. Implementing a document management program helps to address all of these issues with little planning or effort from you.

With a cloud-based system in place to store and control all of your business documents, you can streamline processes and complete vital tasks much quicker. 

With a document management system in place, your company can begin to store a host of digital documents securely in the cloud. Instead of keeping forms in a file cabinet or main server inside the office, uploading these documents reduces the amount of time spent looking for required forms and contracts. Authorized employees can access these documents directly from the cloud as needed from locations around the world. 

Why Do You Need Document Management?

Some top advantages of putting a document management system in place include:

  • Keeps all documents safe and secure from hackers or thieves. A document management system exists behind a password protected level of security and creates backups of your important forms in case of a natural disaster or power outage. 
  • Allows you to track changes made by employees to increase accountability and efficiency. You can review any changes made to key documents and see who is responsible for them if you have questions or feedback to offer.
  • Reduces the amount you spend on paper, ink, shredding and physical document storage in the office. These savings can add up over time and reduce the amount of your operational budget. 
  • Makes frequently used documents easy for anyone to access when employees work remotely or visit potential clients outside the office.  This reduces potential wait times to get important documents signed and leads to increased employee satisfaction as they are able to complete tasks without needing to come into the office each day.

If you're wondering how a document management system might benefit you, visit Lakeland Office Systems to find out more about how document management works and whether it is right for your office. Our team of experts can address any questions you have and help you get set up inside the cloud. 

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