Document Management for Small Businesses

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Every small business has documents that it needs to keep safe. However, taking these documents is a great way for people to steal your data. They are also cumbersome and take up a lot of employee time. In a small business, a smaller number of employees means that each one is important and must be as productive as possible to keep everything running smoothly and growing over time. Document management for small businesses is a way to help them be more productive as well as to keep your documents safer from thieves.

Scanning and Sorting

Getting paper documents to check details can take time, as employees have to physically go to the area where documents are stored and look for it. When this is done by employees daily, the amount of lost working time is staggering. The solution is digital document management. With all of the paper documents scanned and stored away safely, there are no paper documents to steal, and employees don't have to go digging for them. They can be easily organized in digital form, and employees can access them immediately to get what they need from them.

Encryption for Documents

Paper documents are routinely stolen for the data they contain. Digital document management gets rid of this problem. You no longer have to worry about someone taking files from the filing cabinet or grabbing printouts from the printer or copier. The documents will be stored digitally and given full encryption to block hackers from stealing that data stream. It's a great way for a small business to add security to their data to stay compliant with privacy laws. And if it keeps your company from having a data breach, your business will avoid getting a bad reputation for data theft.

Easy Access

It takes just a few seconds to find the right file when they are stored digitally, so collaborations are much easier. Your employees will avoid passing a form around for everyone to look at and comment on. Everything can be sent immediately and sent back with any changes that need to be made. Easy collaborations mean that it's more likely for your employees to work together to make those documents as good as they can be. And because they can be accessed so quickly, customers who need to ask questions won't have to wait while their file is retrieved.

When your small business is ready for documents management services, call us and get started right away for more safety and a more productive business.

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