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How to Find the Best Office Technology Dealer for Your Law Firm

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The office technology that any business uses is an important part of that company. It allows the employees to do their best work with the help of the latest technologies used in offices today. Often, choosing a dealer for that office equipment can be a challenge, with each business seeming to offer something different. Here's how you can make this choice for the good of your law firm.

Methods for Increased Document Security

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Keeping documents secure in today's business atmosphere can be more difficult than ever before. There are so many formats now for documents, as well as ways that they are transmitted, that it may seem impossible to keep them all safe from prying eyes. However, they can be kept far safer with the adoption of a few important security methods.

Should You Buy or Lease a Copier?

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Having a copier in the office is a much-needed way to allow employees access to this must-have office machine. However, many managers wonder about whether it's better for their company to buy one or more copiers or whether leasing them is a better option. Here are a few ways to make this important decision.

Ways a Multifunction Printer Improves Efficiency


The use of a multifunction printer in the office has a lot of advantages for everyone who works there. Here are just a few ways that using these machines can make your company more efficient.

Does Your Copier Need to Be HIPAA Compliant?

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HIPAA compliance is one of the larger concerns for many businesses. In the healthcare industry, it is vital to keep patient information private and secure. When it comes to privacy, it isn’t just your computers you have to worry about. It is also your printers and copiers.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing New Office Technology

things to consider

What’s the best way to buy new office technology?

Do you spend the most? Do you hunt a budget system? Is an average computer today good enough for tomorrow?

All of these questions usually point to a specific price, and it can be hard to figure out how to best manage your tech budget. Here are a few tech purchasing points to consider before settling on any system.

What Does Obsolete Office Technology Really Mean?

One of the worst decisions that computer buyers make is spending big money in the hopes of staying relevant for a long time.

Not Happy With Your Color Documents? Here's Some Help!

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Have you been less than satisfied with the quality of your in-house color prints? Here's a look at some options to improve your color printing results, some of which are simple, low-cost adjustments that could make an immediate difference.

Office Technology Tips: 3 Benefits of Mobile Printing

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Making the most out of office technology is a huge job in today's world. You have all kinds of things to focus on, with new machines and software coming out every day--so how can you be confident that you're making the best choices? Simple: take it one step at a time! Today, we'll start with mobile printing and explore three benefits that make this solution one of the best in the business world.

The Savings that Come with Color Copying

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A common question that business owners and managers ask themselves when considering their print devices is if they really need to purchase a color copier or if they can get away with buying a device that only copies in black and white.

4 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Office Technology

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Office equipment is the functional aspect of your office. The copier, printer, or multifunction printer (mfp) is where people base their workload, time handouts for meetings, and complete major projects.

Sometimes, our equipment starts to fail and we don't realize it. When employees are losing productivity, feeling frustrated with equipment issues, or spending more time on maintenance than on printing work, those are red flags.

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