Moving Your Office from Paper to Digitized Documents

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The move from paper documents to digitized one often takes time. It can be a big adjustment, and it will affect more than one department in the company. However, there are many benefits from doing so, and most employees will eventually find that they like them much better digitized.

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Protocol for Employee Turnover

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Though no one likes it, letting go of employees is a part of doing business that every company owner has to deal with. You may have thought about what you will say to the employee, but have you considered what steps need to be taken to preserve cybersecurity? Even employees who leave of their own accord can end up taking valuable information or trying to keep access to your files. Having a protocol in place for these times can prevent possible issues before they occur. Here are some of the key points to make sure your protocol covers:

Why You Should Implement a Managed Print Program

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Of the many systems that are working in your office, one of the most important should be a managed print program. Offices that don't have managed print have a number of expenses that can add up to significant expenditures over time. To keep your printing costs low, a managed print program can curb many of those unnecessary expenses.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing New Office Technology

things to consider

What’s the best way to buy new office technology?

Do you spend the most? Do you hunt a budget system? Is an average computer today good enough for tomorrow?

All of these questions usually point to a specific price, and it can be hard to figure out how to best manage your tech budget. Here are a few tech purchasing points to consider before settling on any system.

What Does Obsolete Office Technology Really Mean?

One of the worst decisions that computer buyers make is spending big money in the hopes of staying relevant for a long time.

Are Paper-Based Processes Costing Your Business Money?

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Does the very thought of switching to a paperless office make your hair stand on end? That's understandable, especially if your team has very little experience with digital processes. The truth, however, is that switching to paperless document management is a lot easier than most people realize. Here's why you'll want to give it some serious thought.

Try Managed IT Services to Fend Off Tech Slow-Downs

managed IT services

Are frustrating technology slow-downs keeping your team from doing their jobs? Before you chalk up an underperforming network or slow email delivery to mere annoyances, managed IT services experts would suggest you consider both the downsides and the underlying causes.

2 Surprising Managed Print Benefits

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Managed print services provide oversight of business print environments, freeing up staff members for other tasks and reducing print costs by an average of 30%. While it's common knowledge that a print management agreement reduces print volumes, improves productivity, and provides support, not everyone knows that equipment repair and replacement is also a part of the program.

Not Happy With Your Color Documents? Here's Some Help!

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Have you been less than satisfied with the quality of your in-house color prints? Here's a look at some options to improve your color printing results, some of which are simple, low-cost adjustments that could make an immediate difference.

Small Business Tips: Go Paperless with Document Management

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Have you considered going paperless, but stopped just short of making the final call because you weren't sure how that would impact a small business? Well, look no further--today we're going to use a few document management techniques to show you exactly what a small and paperless business looks like!

Managed IT Tips: Printer Security vs. Network Security

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Security is getting more and more complicated as time goes on. There are different types of security, different solutions that must be combined for total protection, and, of course, a whole host of online and offline threats that you need to keep up with. Today, we'll help you sort out one big security question that many companies have: what is the difference between printer security and network security?

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