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Document Management Explained

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If you're having issues controlling document-related costs, issues keeping confidential information secure, or simply want to reduce the amount of paper waste created by your staff, document management can be the solution you are looking for. Implementing a document management program helps to address all of these issues with little planning or effort from you.

With a cloud-based system in place to store and control all of your business documents, you can streamline processes and complete vital tasks much quicker. 

Document Management for Small Businesses

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Every small business has documents that it needs to keep safe. However, taking these documents is a great way for people to steal your data. They are also cumbersome and take up a lot of employee time. In a small business, a smaller number of employees means that each one is important and must be as productive as possible to keep everything running smoothly and growing over time. Document management for small businesses is a way to help them be more productive as well as to keep your documents safer from thieves.

Understanding Document Management Systems

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Implementing an electronic system that stores and organizes all the documents you use for business can help make every aspect of your business smoother. If you stop to think about it, many of the crucial tasks that bring revenue in, like signing up new clients or invoicing existing ones, depend on documents to get completed. A document management system is an all-encompassing solution for electronic forms and documents that allows you to streamline and automate your workflows, keep everything secure and make tracking of all employee activities possible.

HR Department Document Management Solutions

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The documents that are used in the human resource department are one of the most important aspects of the department. Those documents have to be studied, stored and cross-referenced regularly. However, it can be difficult to do this when you have to try to find the paper copies of everything you want to look at.

Disadvantages of Offsite Records Storage

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The storage of business documents has been a major part of the infrastructure of a business for centuries. Today, however, many companies choose to use offsite records storage instead of storing them onsite. Here's why that can be a bad idea.

Moving Your Office from Paper to Digitized Documents

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The move from paper documents to digitized one often takes time. It can be a big adjustment, and it will affect more than one department in the company. However, there are many benefits from doing so, and most employees will eventually find that they like them much better digitized.

Are Paper-Based Processes Costing Your Business Money?

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Does the very thought of switching to a paperless office make your hair stand on end? That's understandable, especially if your team has very little experience with digital processes. The truth, however, is that switching to paperless document management is a lot easier than most people realize. Here's why you'll want to give it some serious thought.

Small Business Tips: Go Paperless with Document Management

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Have you considered going paperless, but stopped just short of making the final call because you weren't sure how that would impact a small business? Well, look no further--today we're going to use a few document management techniques to show you exactly what a small and paperless business looks like!

Enhanced Workflows with Document Management

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Every business has loads of information that flows through daily operations. The documents that carry this information need a space where they can be efficiently stored and secured. Workflows are the systems in place that ensure that all that information flows through each process and person until the data is handled appropriately. If a business does not manage workflows well, documents and data are processed inefficiently, slowing down employees and costing your company money.

Solving Your Company's Collaboration Problems

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The most effective and productive businesses encourage and execute collaboration between employees. Encouraging collaboration is the first step in creating a collaborative culture within your office. When it comes down to implementing collaboration, many businesses struggle with practically encouraging teamwork.

Document collaboration is the best solution to promoting collaboration within your office. Your employees will be given the ability to share ideas and information anytime, anywhere. To get this process started, you need to develop a document management strategy.

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