Document Management and Business in the Digital Age

document management

It can be challenging to make changes when you have always done things a certain way. In the office, this is the case when it comes to minimizing the use of paper. Technology continues to advance digitally, and it is essential to evolve along with it. Document management stores and archives data in cloud software and is a tool for keeping your business in the digital age.

3 Things You Gain from Managed IT Services


IT networks are made up of complicated systems, and not everyone is trained in maintaining them properly. If you are struggling to juggle your network along with day-to-day operations of your business, it is time to consider managed IT services. Here are three things you can gain today.

6 Things to Know About Print Management

print management

Printing costs can be a constant source of frustration when it comes to your budget. If you are looking for ways to reduce spending when it comes to your printer look no further than print management. Print management is a service that optimizes your devices while working with employees to implement best printing practices. Here are eight things to know about print management now.

All You Need to Know About Maintenance Agreements

copier maintenance

Purchasing office technology comes with all sorts of various agreements and number crunching. Before you talk yourself out of a maintenance agreement when purchasing a new copier or printer, consider the following.

How to Use Document Management to Protect Your Business

document management

Document management is a service that transitions your business to become paperless. This is a process that brings structure to your filing system but also brings security to your documents as well as your company as a whole.

How to Fend Off Phishing Attacks

phishing alert

Security threats present themselves around every corner in today’s world of technology. It’s important to be informed of what strategies hackers are using so you can protect your company. Phishing sounds innocent enough but can cause real damage.

How to Boost Savings With Print Management

stacks of paper

Print management is a service that works for your company to reduce printing to increase profits. Waste is an ongoing issue in many offices and is often costing more than you realize. With print management you can boost savings by following the suggested improvements.

3 Questions Answered About Choosing a Multifunction Printer

businessman, question marks

Buying a new multifunction printer takes some preparation. You want to replace the features you like about your old technology, but it’s also a time to explore what new software is available. Here are the answers to three questions you might have about choosing a multifunction printer.

5 Ways to Best Use Document Management

business woman, 5

Document management is a buzz word in business today and for a good reason. While it may have been a trend, it is now a necessity. Document management organizes and archives your files for collaborating and storage. Here are five ways to use it like a pro.

1. A Central Repository

Document management isn’t just a system to organize documents for your personal use; it’s a place of collaboration. When all team members can access a record in one area without having to search for it in a file or ask someone else when they will return it, all people can use it.

Creating a Strategic IT Disaster Recovery Plan

disaster recovery plan

Most companies are unprepared for disasters because they are not planned. While a business may be good at taking charge of what is expected, events such as hurricanes or fires cannot be planned for. Here’s how to create a strategic IT disaster recovery plan.

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