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Scanning systems enable you to perform all scanning-related tasks, such as traditional document scanning, scan-to-email, and scan-to-file. Scanning is a great way to digitize documents and files, which helps increase security and reduce physical filing space requirements.

Document Scanning

With the reliance on digital and mobile devices in the business environment, it is essential that every business has the means to convert paper documents to digital. Not only does this make document sharing easier, it also makes accessing and securing files simpler than ever. Don’t get stuck in a technology time warp. Get up-to-date on the latest with a scanner or scan-enabled MFP.


One of the most common forms of scanning, scan-to-email, is also one of the most cost-effective and business critical. Scan to email allows you to scan any document, particularly sensitive documents such as contracts or legal briefs, and easily convert them to a secure PDF that attaches to an email message. These days, people expect things ASAP and email is one of the most efficient ways to send documents.


Paper documents got you down? Clean the clutter off your desk and out of your file room by scanning documents to digital files. Powerful optical character recognition (OCR) technology enables you to convert paper files to editable formats like:

  • Microsoft Word files
  • Microsoft Excel files
  • Microsoft Powerpoint files

Available models also allow you to open, edit and print .doc, .xls and .ppt files from portable USB drives.

With Lakeland's scanners, you can scan documents and save to almost any folder on your network, increasing file sharing and reducing confusion over paper drafts. You can also scan documents to searchable document files.

Scan-to-Document Management

Document capture and management take the process of scanning, sorting, filing, and securing documents to the next level.

Learn more about how these advanced systems can help streamline your business systems.

Lakeland offers the latest technology from the industry’s leading innovators!

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