Methods for Increased Document Security

document security

Keeping documents secure in today's business atmosphere can be more difficult than ever before. There are so many formats now for documents, as well as ways that they are transmitted, that it may seem impossible to keep them all safe from prying eyes. However, they can be kept far safer with the adoption of a few important security methods.

Securing Access to Documents

Many times, it's a simple careless act that allows data to be stolen. This can mean misplacing paper documents or leaving them around for anyone to see and/or take. It can also mean choosing an overly simple password that allows anyone to guess it and get into the system to steal data. The first step in a company's document security should be teaching employees how to secure documents and the type of passwords to choose. They should also be trained not to clock on links in emails or to go to any site that looks suspicious.

Document Encryption

With documents being sent to and from mobile devices, computers, and printers, there are data streams going all the time in and out of your office. That makes it vital to have strong encryption for every data stream that is sent. That encryption should be in place from end to end no matter where the document is sent. Using another authentication technique to get to the documents also puts another line of security in between it and hackers. With a password or code-protected area of the network, only those who are authorized to use those documents are given access to them.

Cut Out Hard Copies

If you need better security for your company's documents, it's time to make them all digital. Document security is easier to stay in control of when all of the documents are digital. Scan the existing paper copies in the office and then destroy them with a shredder. This will make all of the needed documents easily accessible on the network for those who are given access to it. With this form of document security, there is no hard copy that anyone can steal and leave the office with. And if a hard copy is ever needed, it can be sent via an encrypted data stream to the printer.

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