Why You Need a Cybersecurity Protocol for Employee Turnover

employee leaving

Though no one likes it, letting go of employees is a part of doing business that every company owner has to deal with. You may have thought about what you will say to the employee, but have you considered what steps need to be taken to preserve cybersecurity? Even employees who leave of their own accord can end up taking valuable information or trying to keep access to your files. Having a protocol in place for these times can prevent possible issues before they occur. Here are some of the key points to make sure your protocol covers:

Deactivate Security Codes and Access

The average employee has access to many sensitive points including the doors to your building, the shared server where company files are housed and the email server where vital communication happens. Shutting down their ability to access these points reduces the chance that they will share sensitive information with people outside the company.

Get Back Any Devices

Making sure that you get back any pieces of technology you may have issued to a former employee, like cell phones, laptops or tablets, is a vital part of ensuring information stays secure, and the company isn't liable for any charges a disgruntled employee may rack up or any damages done to the equipment. Since these items are typically programmed to run through the company's servers, there's an urgent need to get them back before crucial files can be copied or stolen. If the employee doesn't have the equipment at the time you release them from employment, be sure everything is returned before you issue a final paycheck for wages owed.

Forward Emails to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Clients who are trying to reach a former employee whose email address was shut down can end up frustrated by lack of response. Make sure these emails are assigned to another employee for quick follow-ups and a smooth transition.

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