The Savings that Come with Color Copying

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A common question that business owners and managers ask themselves when considering their print devices is if they really need to purchase a color copier or if they can get away with buying a device that only copies in black and white.

For most people, the question does have to do with whether or not they feel they might print in color or not but typically is based around the assumption that a color copier will cost significantly more. Cutting costs wherever possible is a high priority for most businesses, and most business owners will cut out anything that is going to get in the way of saving money.

However, we believe there is a case to be made that it will cost a company more money to not copy in color than it will to purchase a color copier. Here’s our explanation:

Eliminates Expensive Laser Printer Cartridges

Laser printer cartridges come with hefty price tags and replacing them throughout the year can begin to eat up your printing budget. A desktop laser printer can cost anywhere from 300% to 4000% more than printing on a color copier machine.

Monitor Color Printing

Modern color copiers allow you to use tracking codes to monitor usage from the device’s multiple users. When your staff is aware that their printing habits are being tracked, they are much more likely to avoid printing excessive colored prints.

Avoid Outsourcing

For companies that choose to have a copier that only print in black and white, they must outsource all colored prints to a local printing specialist. Anytime that prints need to be outsourced, you can expect to pay anywhere between 500% to 2000% more what it would cost to print with your own color copier.

Print Only What You Need

When you do not have access to a color copier in your office, you will need to order extra copies to play it safe when it comes to your meeting or presentation. If a business invests in their own color copier, there is no need to print an abundance of extra documents but only what you need at a moment’s notice.

If you factor in the savings from these functions, the option of purchasing or leasing a color copier begins to make much more sense. To learn more about buying or renting a color copier, contact Lakeland Office Systems today!

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