4 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Office Technology

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Office equipment is the functional aspect of your office. The copier, printer, or multifunction printer (mfp) is where people base their workload, time handouts for meetings, and complete major projects.

Sometimes, our equipment starts to fail and we don't realize it. When employees are losing productivity, feeling frustrated with equipment issues, or spending more time on maintenance than on printing work, those are red flags.

4 Ways to Know Your Devices Need an Upgrade

You think you'll notice right away, but take a look around using these four considerations, and we bet that you will find a machine not performing to full capability.

1. Employees Get Stuck on Projects

When employees can't complete a project, it doesn't look professional, or it's not finalized, ask them what the final step is. You might be surprised that they didn't just stop - they're waiting on equipment or repairs. Take this as an ask for an upgrade!

2. Too Much Maintenance

Non-stop maintenance takes over the office, ruins productivity, and distracts the person working with techs. Give them a break and update the device.

3. Losing Time and Money on Features

If you don't have all the updated features for security, scanning, and better functionality, your office might be missing out on time and cost saving features. It's worth a call to Lakeland Office just to review what's available.

4. Missing Advanced Technology

As technology advances, your office operations should as well. If you keep running on dated equipment, pretty soon your office may not even function like a modern company. Get ahead of the game with regular equipment upgrades.

Update with Lakeland Office Systems

It’s time to upgrade – you can tell when your office matches up to these signs. That’s okay, the team at Lakeland Office will answer questions and lead you on your way to the most efficient office equipment updates. Contact Lakeland today.

Lakeland offers the latest technology from the industry’s leading innovators!

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