Ways a Multifunction Printer Improves Efficiency


The use of a multifunction printer in the office has a lot of advantages for everyone who works there. Here are just a few ways that using these machines can make your company more efficient.

Save Space and Money

There are many different office machines that can be gotten rid of when your office gets a multifunction printer. These machines do so many tasks that there is no need for all of the specialized machines that used to be necessary. This saves space in the office, since there is only one machine necessary. It also allows the employees to learn how just one machine works instead of five different ones. It simplifies office functions so that less time is spent on learning machines, troubleshooting them and waiting until one is fixed. With a single machine, all aspects of machine care become simpler and less expensive. And, the office doesn't have to be large enough to house all of those machines and their peripherals when only one machine is needed.

Fewer Administrative Tasks

Many of the tasks that administrative assistants and other clerical workers often have to do can be handled by multifunction printers. Jobs like collating large stacks of pages, stapling documents together and folding brochures can now all be done by the printer just by choosing the right functions. Not only can your administrative staff take care of more important things when you have one of these printers, you may be able to get by with fewer admin workers altogether. And not only will the printer be able to handle so many more tasks, they also get done faster than a human could do them. You make your printing projects faster so that employees and customers alike will get their printouts faster.

Keep Projects In-House

Outsourcing jobs like faxing, scanning and binding to a print shop costs your company more than just what they charge to do these jobs. It also costs you in terms of your employees' time. When they are going to a print shop to take care of some of these jobs, they aren't taking care of the rest of their job tasks. It hurts productivity when basic tasks like these can't be easily done in the office. With a multifunction printer, your employees will be able to do all of those and more from one machine. This saves them travel time and keeps their productivity high with a quick turnaround for printing, faxing, copying and more.

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