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The Many Possibilities of Multifunction Printers

Today’s technological consumers want more: more from their phones, more from their computers, more from their printers. In a day and age when our electronics go so far beyond their once-intended use, it comes as no surprise that a machine that sits in our office produces not only printed pages, but also makes copies, scans, and sends faxes. An even more obscure fact, however, is that the multifunction printer, or MFP, can do even more to meet your office technology needs.

Buying a Copier? Get the Right One

Copiers and printers are by no means created equal, and there are tons of options out there. Manufacturers, features, bells and whistles, price ranges, sizes, paper tray options, toner compatibilities, the details run amuck, and you have the choose. So when it comes down to picking the right printer, what does that even mean? We would like to help you narrow it down to a few key features and considerations for your next printer purchase.

Celebrating the Demise of Your Old Printer? Now What?

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Did your old, clunky printer finally bite the dust? You may be celebrating now, because budget or no, this necessitates a replacement to that paper eating machine. So being in the situation where you need a new printer, will you choose to buy or lease your next machine? There are a few things to consider with each option. So, we will share some of our knowledge and recommendations with you today.

Copier or MFP: What's Right for Your Team?

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As a team leader, manager or owner of a business, it is important to consider each aspect of your team's dynamics and the tools used to accomplish their goals. As your team develops, there will be different avenues of facilitating their work that will prove crucial. With everything from office chairs to computers and phones to consider, have you thought about the right printing device for your developing team? We will address one of the most common dilemmas in this type of decision: copier or MFP?

Office Security Extends to Your Printers

Office Technology

You may pride yourself on your office's security plan. You have measures in place to keep everyone safe, and also to protect your confidential information. This is paramount in business since many companies do not recover well from a large security leak or hack. So if you have your computers, network and building security covered, what else is there to worry about? Well, since about 2002 there has been a new challenge for security on the digital side of things. As technology has changed, so have your printers, and they have become more of a liability than before.

Toner Considerations for Your Business

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Who has two thumbs and runs a business? If that described you, you might want to read this blog. The majority of business owners, whether small or large, need to print. On the small scale, you may need to print labels, tags, and business cards. On the large scale, printing is an integral part of your day to day work practices, and it needs to be efficient and cost effective. Large businesses print media such as:

  • flyers

  • posters

  • memos

  • brochures

  • business cards

  • signs

Experience More with a Quality Printer

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As FLA laws have changed regarding overtime and the office environment has only increased its speed, you need office equipment that is ready for the challenge and can be relied upon in every fast paced situation. No one has time for poor quality, constant jamming, or unresponsive printers. That's why we'd like to highlight the Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Series, one of Canon's most impressive series yet.

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