3 Questions Answered About Choosing a Multifunction Printer

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Buying a new multifunction printer takes some preparation. You want to replace the features you like about your old technology, but it’s also a time to explore what new software is available. Here are the answers to three questions you might have about choosing a multifunction printer.

5 Ways to Best Use Document Management

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Document management is a buzz word in business today and for a good reason. While it may have been a trend, it is now a necessity. Document management organizes and archives your files for collaborating and storage. Here are five ways to use it like a pro.

1. A Central Repository

Document management isn’t just a system to organize documents for your personal use; it’s a place of collaboration. When all team members can access a record in one area without having to search for it in a file or ask someone else when they will return it, all people can use it.

Creating a Strategic IT Disaster Recovery Plan

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Most companies are unprepared for disasters because they are not planned. While a business may be good at taking charge of what is expected, events such as hurricanes or fires cannot be planned for. Here’s how to create a strategic IT disaster recovery plan.

How to Use Print Management Like an Expert


Print management is a service that assesses your current printing practices and advises you on how to cut costs and run a more efficient fleet. Here’s how to be an expert when you use print management.

Disregard Size

Print management is beneficial for small businesses that have three printers as well as companies with ten offices across the country. Size does not determine the amount of money that is wasted through unnecessary printing. Print management will make any printing fleet more efficient, no matter what scale you operate on.

Lakeland Office Systems & Inland Printing Company Announce Merger

We are pleased to announce that Inland Printing Company is now a part of Lakeland Office Systems! Together Lakeland and Inland now form the most experienced Canon Dealer in Springfield, the state of Missouri and the surrounding region.   

6 Simple Steps to Go Paperless

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If you’ve ever been stressed out by the amount of paper you consume in your office, you’re not alone. Whether you’re overcrowded by files or uncomfortable with the number of documents thrown away chances are you’ve wanted to find a solution to all the paper. Document management is a service that eases your transition from paper to digital. Here are the six steps document management will help you take.

Ransomware: 3 Ways Not to Fall Victim


Ransomware sounds like a villain in a board game, but it’s an all too real threat in today’s technology-focused world. Ransomware is a malicious software that blocks or holds hostage data until you pay a ransom. Falling victim to this software can result in businesses losing a significant amount of income. Here are three ways to protect yourself.

3 Ways to Go Green with Print Management

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Running a green company is no longer a trend, it’s a necessity. Keeping up with your industry demands and sustainability goals can be difficult to reconcile. Print management is a solution that assesses your current print fleet and printing policies to help your company create a more efficient work place. Here are three ways print management will work on your environmental impact.

Why You Need People to Make Print Policy Work

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A print policy is an office protocol about what can be printed and by who. The end aim of implementing such a plan is to reduce printing to save money and lessen environmental impact. You can meet these goals by using office technology to transition to a more digital system combined with cost-saving output settings.

Key Benefits of Document Management

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Document management is a system that scans physical files and stores them digitally. While a simple concept, many organizational tools, and security measures are put in place to create an accessible program. Here are four main advantages of document management.

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