How Technology Helps Attorneys

As technology evolves and changes, it changes many industries and professions along with it. Customer service is easier; online food ordering is the new norm, and some people buy everything, including groceries, online. While technology has changed the tone of customer service, fast food, and shopping, it has also changed work for attorneys across the globe. New technology is making their job safer and easier every day. If you are an attorney, are you taking advantage of the technology available today?

Print Assesment: What It Is and How It Helps You

Are you trying to find more ways to improve your business, save money and increase efficiency? Aren't we all? Throughout your searches you may have heard the words print assessment thrown around a few times paired with those goals of improvement and savings, but what does it mean to have a print assessment, and how does it help you and your business right now? We would love to help answer these questions and see if a print assessment could benefit you.

Buying a Copier? Get the Right One

Copiers and printers are by no means created equal, and there are tons of options out there. Manufacturers, features, bells and whistles, price ranges, sizes, paper tray options, toner compatibilities, the details run amuck, and you have the choose. So when it comes down to picking the right printer, what does that even mean? We would like to help you narrow it down to a few key features and considerations for your next printer purchase.

The Beginning of File Storage

Document Management

How do you store your files? If filing cabinets, manila envelopes, desk trays and staplers came to mind, we're very sorry. Paper storage is incredibly cumbersome and difficult to keep track of, not to mention it is costly to keep printed records. Have you considered document management as a new option? Document management has proven itself worthy of many an office around the globe, and people are feeling the benefits, whether they work for the company or they are a customer. So how can document management help you? There's more to it than file storage.

IT Services Can Help You Succeed

managed IT services

To some business owners, IT is a necessary evil. You certainly don't have time to deal with it, and having your own IT department would be incredibly costly. So you end up hiring someone to do a job for your company, with the caveat of taking care of all of your IT needs. This person may have little to no IT experience, and they certainly don't have a ton of extra time to devote to an add-on section of their job.

How Minimizing Your Printer Fleet Could Help Your Bottom Line

print management

Printing. It is an unavoidable expense in business. Every business has to print hiring paperwork, tax documents, paychecks, etc. So how do you keep printing at a reasonable expense? Reducing your printer fleet could be one of the answers, and we would like to guide you in doing just that today. Do you have multiple printers of various ages, manufacturers, functions, and sizes? If you do, it becomes impractical to keep track of your spending, and if you can't keep track, you can't draw back. So how are you going to bring about change?

Celebrating the Demise of Your Old Printer? Now What?

office technology

Did your old, clunky printer finally bite the dust? You may be celebrating now, because budget or no, this necessitates a replacement to that paper eating machine. So being in the situation where you need a new printer, will you choose to buy or lease your next machine? There are a few things to consider with each option. So, we will share some of our knowledge and recommendations with you today.

Document Management: But Which One?

document management

Have you decided that it is time to move from paper documents to a document management system? Congratulations! That is a wonderful change to be making for the betterment of your company. But now that you have made that choice, do you know what type of DMS you want to use? Do you know what you are looking for when it comes down to the specifics of different document management systems? We would like to help make your choice a little easier with some tips.

Disaster Hit: Are You in Trouble?

managed IT services

When a disaster hits, such as a major storm or even a network data breach, do you have some amount of confidence that your business will be okay? A large portion of businesses who experience a disaster will end up closing their doors due to the magnitude of information and profits lost. So what do you need to keep secure, and how?

Print Costs Got You Down?

print management

If your printing costs have got you down, you're in luck; we are here to help you get your print costs down, instead. In every aspect of business, there are ways to improve. Smart business owners and managers realize this and make the extra effort to save in areas that enhance productivity while saving money or time. Is your office spending more than necessary on printing? Many companies find that they are spending as much as 3% of their budget on printing, which adds up to a lot of money over the years.

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