Ransomware: 3 Ways Not to Fall Victim


Ransomware sounds like a villain in a board game, but it’s an all too real threat in today’s technology-focused world. Ransomware is a malicious software that blocks or holds hostage data until you pay a ransom. Falling victim to this software can result in businesses losing a significant amount of income. Here are three ways to protect yourself.

1. Educate Your Team

The easiest way for ransomware to appear is in annoying pop-ups and disguised emails. Create a company-wide protocol that trains employees on the different ways ransomware can infiltrate your IT network. If an email seems suspicious or unwarranted chances are you shouldn’t click on any related links. You can also install a pop-up blocker to protect your web browser.

2. Keep Software Up to Date

Software programs are updated by their producers to fix bugs and protect gaps that have been discovered by hackers. While they can prevent errors by patching up vulnerable areas, it’s up to you to routinely update software on your network.

Starting a routine to keep software up to date, can also parlay into a schedule to back up your data. Someone who holds your information for ransom has a lot less leeway when you can access your files in a different location.

3. Enlist the Help of Managed IT Services

Your IT network keeps your business running, but it’s more than likely that the focus of your IT team is on tasks other than security. Managed IT services monitors and maintains your network so that you can focus on business-critical work. The service can act as your IT department or support the one you have in place. Either way, a proactive approach to security will ward off ransomware.

Protecting yourself against ransomware is necessary. Waiting until a problem arises is not a good business practice. Educate your team about threats and keeping software up to date. To invest in the future of your company, enlist the help of managed IT services. Working together will secure your data and shift your focus to your business, not systems. To learn more about solving your network needs, contact us today.

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