9 Reasons to Update Your Office Technology

office technology

Holding on to old printers and copiers can be detrimental to your business. If you need more convincing on why new office technology is beneficial, here are nine reasons.

  • 1. Cost of Repairs: If you’re always calling a service technician and spending money on part replacement it’s time to put that money towards a new printer.

  • 2. Document Security: If your office technology is outdated then your missing crucial security software. Your hard drive should be encrypted and there should be options for user authorization to release print jobs.

  • 3. Output Capability: Why bother another week with poor quality documents? Investing in office technology that produces clean records shows clients and vendors that you take pride in your business.

  • 4. Streamline Workflows: New office technology can combine several different functions. Streamline your workflow by accessing cloud software through your printer.

  • 5. Power Consumption: Newer office technology is made to be energy efficient.

  • 6. Remote Troubleshooting: Software related issues can be solved by a technician if you have new office technology. Increase productivity by cutting out downtime.

  • 7. Ease of Use: The benefit of new equipment is that it is created with the user in mind. Manufactures want customers to use their equipment efficiently and develop machines that are more intuitive for this purpose.

  • 8. Size: If you need to create more space in your office, getting rid of a clunky, outdated multifunction printer may be the solution.

  • 9. Faster Warm Up: New machines can be used almost automatically once turned on. If you find yourself wasting time waiting for equipment to warm up, you might be ready for new technology.

A new printer or copier can turn your business around. Office technology can speed up project times and increase the quality of documents. If you’re ready for an upgrade, call us today!

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