Copier or MFP: What's Right for Your Team?

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As a team leader, manager or owner of a business, it is important to consider each aspect of your team's dynamics and the tools used to accomplish their goals. As your team develops, there will be different avenues of facilitating their work that will prove crucial. With everything from office chairs to computers and phones to consider, have you thought about the right printing device for your developing team? We will address one of the most common dilemmas in this type of decision: copier or MFP?

Document Management and Your Medical Practice

Document Management

A medical practice is a busy place, full of patients coming and going, tests being done, care being given and new patients being received. The focus should always be on providing your patients with the best care possible and the most comfort available. That in consideration, are you still able to keep up with your office's paperwork, filing, and printing? Someone has to do that work, and in some medical practices, it falls to a small staff with multiple important jobs to perform.

What's Your IT Relationship Status?

Managed IT Service

You've likely heard time and again that relationships have to be built on trust. This is true in personal and professional relationships. When it comes to business relationships, they usually start with a need. Do you have IT needs that could be outsourced? If you choose to outsource your IT management, you are entering into a business relationship. So how do you do your best to make sure it will be a good relationship? First off, it is good to know what type of management you are looking for in an IT services provider.

Want to Save on Printing? Here's the First Step

Print Management

In business, it is only smart to explore every area of your budget and see where you could be saving. Many studies can detail the usual expenditure of companies based on various areas, and it is good to stay within the norm when it comes to your spending. But what if you could get your budget below what is considered normal into what is considered impressive? It would only be smart to pursue such an opportunity. Printing, according to a few studies, tends to take up about 3% of a businesses yearly budget. With that in consideration, how can you start saving some of that money?

Office Security Extends to Your Printers

Office Technology

You may pride yourself on your office's security plan. You have measures in place to keep everyone safe, and also to protect your confidential information. This is paramount in business since many companies do not recover well from a large security leak or hack. So if you have your computers, network and building security covered, what else is there to worry about? Well, since about 2002 there has been a new challenge for security on the digital side of things. As technology has changed, so have your printers, and they have become more of a liability than before.

Document Management: The Office's Best Friend

Document Management

Paper has been an office worker's companion for a very, very long time. Books themselves used to be like gold because they were so valuable. It was, indeed, a great day when the printing press was created. Skipping along through history, paper has continued to be the vessel through which we record, share and save information of professional or personal import. Now, as fond as all of this history of paper usage is, paper's place has changed a lot of the past few decades. Technology has helped us rely less and less on our old friend, and it is certainly benefiting both parties.

Document Security and Your Printers

Managed IT Services

Smart business owners know the ins and outs of business security; it is not something to be ignored or taken lightly by any means. If you are a business owner, you have likely addressed security issues such as building security, employee safety, and Internet and network security. You may feel like you have really checked security off of your to-do list.

Managed Print & Your Budget

Managed Print

Any business person who is involved in the company's budget understands just how tedious it can become. There are budgets for all kinds of details from events to the power bill. When it comes to your overall operation costs, would it not be nice to cut that by, say, 3%? This could be possible through simply managing one aspect of your companies spending more closely. The aspect we are talking about is printing.

Toner Considerations for Your Business

Office Technology

Who has two thumbs and runs a business? If that described you, you might want to read this blog. The majority of business owners, whether small or large, need to print. On the small scale, you may need to print labels, tags, and business cards. On the large scale, printing is an integral part of your day to day work practices, and it needs to be efficient and cost effective. Large businesses print media such as:

  • flyers

  • posters

  • memos

  • brochures

  • business cards

  • signs

Back to Basics: Quality DMS

Document Management

What is important to your business? Well, that is a broad place to start. Let us narrow it down. What assets do you need more of in your business? Some of the most common answers across industries are money, organization, and time. What if we could easily introduce you to a simple system that could give you all three at once? Interested? We are talking about a system that allows you to reduce wasted space, increase organization, save time, and save money through the reduction of consumable use.

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