Understanding Document Management Systems

document management

Implementing an electronic system that stores and organizes all the documents you use for business can help make every aspect of your business smoother. If you stop to think about it, many of the crucial tasks that bring revenue in, like signing up new clients or invoicing existing ones, depend on documents to get completed. A document management system is an all-encompassing solution for electronic forms and documents that allows you to streamline and automate your workflows, keep everything secure and make tracking of all employee activities possible. Much like a secured file cabinet, the system allows you to keep all documents safe but easily accessible to those who need them.

Capturing Crucial Documents

Instead of storing documents in a folder or with a single employee, a document management system is a secure place where you can store everything and share them with employees or clients as needed. You can upload or scan documents once instead of emailing them repeatedly or distributing paper copies that are easily lost. A digital document management system creates a backup copy so the document can't get lost, and when you make modifications, employees will automatically using the updated form instead of an older one.

Storing Paperwork Securely

A document management system allows you to keep all your crucial paperwork safe even as multiple employees access and use them. With password authentication and tracking of any changes, management can track activity to discern who is using the documents most often. It's also much harder for hackers to gain access to this information than it would be if you stored it locally in your business on a server.

Distributing Documents to All Employees

A document management system allows you to automate critical workflows, saving time and ensuring communications go out as needed. For example, you can set up a workflow that sends new employee payroll forms, training materials, and company handbooks over the first few days of employment. This frees up your HR employees to work on more important tasks while allowing the new employee to complete crucial forms and tasks without delay.

If you need help to understand how document management systems work and how one can benefit your enterprise, contact Lakeland Office today. Our experienced team can help you choose the right document management system for you.

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