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Getting Back to Work with Document Management

In the past, businesses often had a more defined hierarchy; there was the head boss and then the team. The team was mainly concerned with putting in their hours and keeping their jobs. While this model still exists in some businesses, the workforce has also changed. Now, employees are often self-motivated, holding power over an entire department, maybe managing their clients, and salaried employees tend to value their time, hoping to accomplish as much as possible.

The Beginning of File Storage

Document Management

How do you store your files? If filing cabinets, manila envelopes, desk trays and staplers came to mind, we're very sorry. Paper storage is incredibly cumbersome and difficult to keep track of, not to mention it is costly to keep printed records. Have you considered document management as a new option? Document management has proven itself worthy of many an office around the globe, and people are feeling the benefits, whether they work for the company or they are a customer. So how can document management help you? There's more to it than file storage.

Document Management: But Which One?

document management

Have you decided that it is time to move from paper documents to a document management system? Congratulations! That is a wonderful change to be making for the betterment of your company. But now that you have made that choice, do you know what type of DMS you want to use? Do you know what you are looking for when it comes down to the specifics of different document management systems? We would like to help make your choice a little easier with some tips.

Document Management and Your Medical Practice

Document Management

A medical practice is a busy place, full of patients coming and going, tests being done, care being given and new patients being received. The focus should always be on providing your patients with the best care possible and the most comfort available. That in consideration, are you still able to keep up with your office's paperwork, filing, and printing? Someone has to do that work, and in some medical practices, it falls to a small staff with multiple important jobs to perform.

Document Management: The Office's Best Friend

Document Management

Paper has been an office worker's companion for a very, very long time. Books themselves used to be like gold because they were so valuable. It was, indeed, a great day when the printing press was created. Skipping along through history, paper has continued to be the vessel through which we record, share and save information of professional or personal import. Now, as fond as all of this history of paper usage is, paper's place has changed a lot of the past few decades. Technology has helped us rely less and less on our old friend, and it is certainly benefiting both parties.

Back to Basics: Quality DMS

Document Management

What is important to your business? Well, that is a broad place to start. Let us narrow it down. What assets do you need more of in your business? Some of the most common answers across industries are money, organization, and time. What if we could easily introduce you to a simple system that could give you all three at once? Interested? We are talking about a system that allows you to reduce wasted space, increase organization, save time, and save money through the reduction of consumable use.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Devices!

Today it seems like everyone has a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and every other device technology comes up with. What all these devices have in common is they are more then likely jam packed with memories. Some devices hold pictures; some hold passwords, and some hold important emails. If you haven’t backed up your files from your devices, you are in danger of losing all of your files and pictures. Even the best IT personnel can’t always recover lost files or recover files from a stolen device.

Stay ahead of a disaster with these two easy ways to back up your files:

A Cloud Sync Storage Battle: Who is winning your business?

You’ve probably heard all the hype about cloud storage and how it is changing the way we store and share files between all your devices. The new cloud service apps have been at a toe-to-toe race for the best services to win your business and money. What services are winning your business? What new features may you be missing?
Here is a look at the most popular cloud applications that are available on the market and how they compete with each other:

Document Management: Law Offices Should Implement an EDMS Into Their Practice

There are certain industries that have laws and regulations requiring them to secure their documents that contain personal information on them. Law offices are in this category.
Paper work is a big part of being in the profession of law. That is why document management has long been the factory assembly line for most law firms. All of the contracts, personal information, spreadsheets and billing information need to be stored somewhere secure and inaccessible to just anyone.

Medical Organizations Need Document Management Services

Document management service (DMS) is beneficial for companies across the board. It doesn’t matter what industry the company is in they will see:

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