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What You Might Not Know About Managed IT

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With devices and networks so tightly intertwined in today’s offices, Managed IT Services have caught a lot of momentum as an effective office solution. With Managed IT Services, a company can outsource their daily IT management to a third party.

When you outsource IT management, you free up employees to focus on their daily tasks. And while IT management sounds like an excellent service in and of itself, there are probably some benefits that didn’t know about it:

Which is Better? In-House IT or Managed IT Services?

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As technology continues to advance for modern day businesses, it is incredibly important to have an IT team available to help manage devices and networks and create solutions for your company’s various systems. The question is, should you hire an in-house IT department to handle technology, or should you outsource your tech needs to a Managed IT Services provider? Both options come with a different list of benefits, so it is important to weigh out the differences before choosing what is best for your company.

How Managed Print Saves You More Than Money


One of the biggest reasons businesses decide to use Managed Print Services is because of the immediate cut in printing costs. Surveys have found businesses to save between 30-40% of their printing expenses when they enlist a Managed Print Service (MPS), provider.

While cutting costs is excellent, MPS has many other benefits for businesses. Here are three ways that Managed Print Services can benefit your business:

Considering Managed IT Service Providers

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For the small business owner, knowing where to turn for tech support can be confusing. With many different companies to choose from, here are a few things to consider to help narrow your choices:

1. Cost

One essential task of growing a small business is keeping spending low. When considering managed IT services, be sure to do research and consider your options on how much you are willing to invest in tech support for your small business. Some things to consider are:

Cyber Disasters – Is Your Business Prepared?

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With technology continually changing and upgrading, disaster recovery is always needing to evolve to keep up with the new tech. Your business might not be a target or a media-coverage sized data breach, but your company is still at risk to scammer and hackers seeking your business’ information. Companies experience far more network security issues than you might expect, and more than half of data breaches that occur in small businesses lead to the companies’ closure.

Why Your Print Environment Needs to Be Secured

When it comes to data security, don't let your business shouldn’t forget about your printer. A security breach is still possible through your printer. Learn how not to leave your printing fleet vulnerable.

Yes, Managed IT Services Is For You

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If you’ve been monitoring and running your IT network you may think that additional help is unnecessary. It’s probably because you’re unaware of how much time it is taking away from business-critical tasks. Here’s why managed IT services is right for you.

The Non-Techie Guide to IT Support

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IT networks can be confusing if you do not work in the field. Though some people are better well-versed in the intricacies of IT, everyone can understand the basic concepts and why your business needs a well-monitored network.

How to Protect Your Business During Downtime


There is not a lot of time between news of hackers finding their way into a corporation's data and stealing customer information. Because we know that there are technological threats to guard against, we should take a proactive approach. Here’s how to protect your business due to downtime.

5 Step Disaster Recovery Plan

disaster recovery plan

If a flood or fire were to render your office inaccessible, would you be prepared? If not here is an easy five-step plan.

1. Create a Back Up Plan

To be prepared for a disaster you need to decide what you would need at the minimum to get your company back online. Your data should exist in at least one offsite server with two other additional copies, such as physical and on your server. Web applications need to be able to run independently of a physical server so regularly backing up your data on cloud software is necessary.

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