Should You Be Recycling Toner Cartridges?

used cartridges

Our office technology such as printers and computers make our businesses run, and they’re made of even smaller parts. For companies that are following a sustainability initiative, you may start to notice how consumables for office technology are frequently used and discarded. The good news is you can recycle such things as toner cartridges, and yes you should be doing it!

How to Recycle

For toner cartridges to be deemed acceptable for recycling they can’t be torn apart and dirty. To prevent your cartridges from sustaining damage on the way to a recycling facility, use bubble wrap to cover them, or even newspaper will work. You want to make sure that the facility will be able to refill the cartridge. Some manufacturers will have specific instructions for sending cartridges back in so double check first with wherever you're sending them. You may be able to print a label that makes shipping simple.

Recycling Options

  • Use a Local Recycling Facility: To truly have your recycling efforts be sustainable you should be using a local recycling facility. The further you have to send toner cartridges the more a delivery truck is releasing chemicals and furthering your carbon footprint. Search online and find the nearest place and you will be getting the most out of your efforts.

  • Partner with a Charity: Organizations will give the money back to non-profits when you recycle your toner cartridges. This is a great way to get your business involved in both sustainability initiatives and your community.

  • Drop Them Off at an Office Supply Store: Check with supply stores in your area as it may be the most convenient way to recycle.

  • Refill Your Cartridges: The last option is to take recycling into your own hands. Refilling a cartridge can be as simple as ordering a kit online. It will come with the materials needed including tools. Make sure to order a kit for your specific cartridge series.

Recycling items that are used in office technology will make for a green office and can even help you contribute to charity. To learn more about recycling and other initiatives, call us today!

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