Managed Print Services: But Which One?

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Many offices around the globe are realizing that they need help making their printing sustainable, affordable and efficient. It is, after all, rather difficult to keep track of hundreds of different machines on multiple floors and even in different locations. Each one is being used for a different purpose, each one needs different attention for repairs and reorders of toner and ink, and they could all be made more efficient if paired with a solid managed print services plan. But oh so often people talk about great managed print services plans without mentioning specific plan options. We would like to highlight a couple of the great plans we offer so that the search for your managed print services plan is made a little bit easier in the long run.

Papercut: Please Use Responsibly

Papercut is a managed print services plan which is focused on keeping track of printing in the background. It can keep track of individual employees habits, those of departments, and entire buildings depending on your needed information. Papercut's main goal is to encourage the responsible use of printing by each and every employee in each and every printing activity. This model can be a life saver for many different types of businesses.

To give you a specific example, let us look at how it could benefit a school. Most schools have tons of computers, many different buildings, and departments, and are hard pressed to keep control of printing. With Papercut, they could make students responsible for their own printing, and also implement quotas for different departments. If a department reaches their printing quota before a particular week or month is over, they must make a request in order to print more and potentially adjust their quota.


Uniflow is a managed print services platform built to manage all of your printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. It offers detailed reports to help put you back in control of you print budget, and bring things back to where they should have been all along.

If you pair these great managed print services platforms with an MPS provider like Lakeland Office Systems, you are sure to enjoy the benefits. Contact us today to learn more!

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