Top Benefits of Print Management in 2019

printer in use

The use of print management is increasing among small businesses that want a better way to manage their print costs and the printing materials that get used. With print management services, there will be less printing done and fewer repair costs to pay.

Print Accountability

In many offices, the amount of printing goes unchecked. Printing gets done by various employees whether or not it's truly needed. With print management services, the printers are monitored so that you can see exactly who has used the printer and how often. When every employee is held accountable for their printing, they tend not to print as often. With this system, each person has their own printer code that identifies them and how much they printed. This accountability makes them think again about what really needs to be printed and what doesn't.

Printing Supplies

When you cut down on printing, you cut down on the resources used in printing. This includes the electricity costs, the cost of printer paper and the use of ink or toner. As well as being economical, it's also better for the environment. Using less ink and paper means less waste is being produced by your office. Along with that savings comes the ease of refilling printer supplies as they're needed. Print management services include general maintenance on the machines to keep them running as well as being aware of when the paper or ink is running low and needs to be refilled.

Avoiding Repairs

One of the bigger costs associated with printers is the repairs they may need over time. By monitoring and maintaining the printers, you can avoid the big problems that can only be solved by expensive repairs. With the maintenance of the machines taken care of, you can keep your printers up and running so that no employee has to wait for a working printer or go without documents that need to be printed. And because the maintenance appointments are planned for in advance as a part of your managed print services, you don't have to pay the high cost of maintenance visits that are scheduled just one at a time.

If your office needs a better way to control printing costs and take care of its printers and supplies, contact us to find out more about managed print services.

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