Things Every Business Should Know About Ransomware


There are few words that strike terror into the heart of IT workers quite like ransomware. This is an insidious type of software that will literally hold your computer, or your entire system, hostage until a large ransom is paid in exchange for freeing it. Here's what you need to know about what this software is and how you can avoid it infecting the computers in your network.

Ransomware is a Growing Threat

The instances of ransomware gaining control of computers is growing. According to the FBI, these computer attacks happen more than 4,000 times a day, every day. It's a threat that is being seen in both personal computers and mobile devices and in business computers. It doesn't matter much to the hackers who it is that they target for this scam. Every business and personal device is vulnerable because the owners of both personal and business devices have been known to pay handsomely to get control back. Where there's money, hackers will continue to try to get it.

IT Workers Are Vital

To defend your business against ransomware, the first line of attack is letting employees know that they might accidentally bring in ransomware. Teaching them how to check whether links are secure and when to click on links from email is an important step. Everyone who uses the computer network should understand how ransomware gets to a system and how they can avoid them. Double checking with URLs to see whether the links are real and whether they are secure can be helpful. They should understand how ransomware can wreck a business and why they have to be vigilant against it every day.

IT Fixes

With the very real danger of ransomware out there, having managed IT services can help to both guard against them and help get your network free if it is taken over. With IT professionals available for help at any time of the day or night, the problem can be tackled right away if it should happen. Managed IT services put IT personnel right where they need to be in case of an attack on the system. And because you don't have to wait to get an IT worker to your company to take care of the problem, it can be tackled before it does more damage to your network.

If you're worried about ransomware, contact us to find out more about managed IT services.


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