Print Tasks Your School District Could Be Outsourcing

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With so many urgent tasks to complete each day, many school administrators don't have time to think about print management and the best way to save money on regular printing tasks. But optimizing these processes can result in a lot of savings over the course of the school year and minimize headaches for school administrators, teachers and parents.

Here are some top print management tasks school districts should consider outsourcing to streamline processes and save money on printing.

Collecting and Analyzing Cost Data

Without proper infrastructure in place to capture and analyze information, it's difficult for a school district to precisely analyze how much tasks are costing and where funds are being wasted. Selecting a partner who can present information on costs and potential savings in easy to digest formats is a much easier way to ensure your budget isn't being wasted.

Setting Budgetary Benchmarks

To set a fair benchmark, you must take in data from unbiased sources to get an idea of how much comparable organizations are spending on printing and related tasks. Finding this information can be difficult for school district employees who do not know where to begin sourcing such information. A partner who already has experience in this space is a much more efficient way to determine how your money should be spent.

Writing Request for Proposals

If you're still using the same language you always have in your RFP, there is a more efficient way to ensure you create a document that will get you the information you need. With a partner taking care of creating an RFP that addresses all your needs, you'll get more bids and have a wider range of vendors to choose from. Ultimately, better RFPs result in healthy competition from vendors that can lead to you getting better prices on the items or services you need.

With these tasks handled by a professional partner, your school district can concentrate on day to day operations while feeling confident that a professional is taking care of these important jobs. At Lakeland Office Systems, we have the experience and knowledge to help complete these services and more for your school district. Contact us today to find out more about how we can streamline print management for you.

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