5 Benefits of Managed Print

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When choosing to enlist a Managed Print Services provider, your business will experience an abundance of benefits. Some of these benefits will deal with financial perks and others will have to do with the burden they will release from your employees.

Here's a list of five benefits that our customers have loved about enlisting a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider:

1. Cut Printing Costs

The number one appeal of working with an MPS provider is the cost benefits that come with the partnership. They will help you develop a printing strategy, manage your print environment, and monitor usage, resulting in saving up to 30% on print-related expenses.

2. Repairs, Replacements, and Supplies

Another favorite perk of most customers is the savings found on repairs, replacements, and supply replenishment. When you work with a Managed Print provider, all of those services are included with no additional charges. An MPS provider will ensure that your devices are running at their highest potential without sending you extra invoices for services.

3. Technology Advising

The world of technology never sleeps. It is always advancing and developing new ways to make processes more efficient. That is very much the case with the devices in your print environment.

An MPS provider will ensure that your devices and processes are using the most efficient technology possible, making your print environment as conducive to productivity as possible. This will not only result in devices that operate effectively but will empower your staff to accomplish work efficiently as well.

Ongoing Support

Our customers have been grateful for the ongoing, consistent help they have received from our team of printing experts. With an MPS provider like Lakeland Office Systems, you are always a call away from solving any issues or challenges that arise within your print environment.


The amount of sensitive information and data that goes through your print environment is astonishing when you think about it. An MPS provider will make sure that you have the proper systems and software in place to protect your company from a data breach via your print process.

To learn more about the benefits of Managed Print Services, contact Lakeland Office Systems today!

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