4 Questions to Ask Your Print Management Partner

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You're looking for a print management provider - so, what next? It can be a bit daunting at first to select a provider, since every managed print company want to share why they stand out, but not every business can actually match your needs exactly.

So, you do you decide? Luckily you can do some research online, look into your potential vendor partner, and ask the questions below to narrow down the field and make a decision.

First – Print Management Explained

Print management means managing all devices in your print program, overseeing supply and maintenance ordering, and finding and reducing hidden costs.

Ready to start? Remember to ask these questions.

Questions to Ask

1. How does the service guide growth?

Ensure that your provider can grow with your company, and understand the costs associated so that you can find a match and stay a team as your business expands.

2. What can we do to get the most from the service?

Review with your provider what their most popular features are, and how they have worked with other companies in your industry. Before you commit, have a good understanding of what they offer and how it helps you.

3. How will this impact our budget?

As always, from the start, you'll want to know all the costs associated with the service you are getting. Have an in-depth discussion on initial payments, and also estimated savings - you'll see a lot of that.

4. What other benefits are there to print management?

Does your vendor have robust and accurate reporting tools? Will they reevaluate your print environment on a scheduled basis? Do they complete and in-depth print audit and submit recommendations for changing employee print habits? These are all significant benefits you may want, so be sure you know if they are offered or not.

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